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App no longer works for hairstyles, only color

Just color, no style.

The hair color tool is pretty cool but I wanted to try on different hair styles.

Doesn’t work

This app says you can try different hair styles and color. Color you can try but I find no option to try hair styles. Perhaps I’m missing something?

See I just don't get it....

My problem with this is that it clearly shows in the previews that you can color AND style your hair. I've downloaded this app and deleted it the other day. I really have trouble finding apps to help with my self image "problems". Now I know that this is EXCELLENT for hair color, I don't see what it meant by style. Maybe i'm doing it wrong, or they took the feature out, but it's very misleading and that's not okay. I'd say maybe two stars. I would love to hear what the developers have to say for themselves as well.

Not the same as previews

I was really excited to get the app. I have blonde hair and wanted to see what it would look like even lighter. But when I got it, I tried it out and it was not as smooth and cool looking as it does in the pictures to make you want the app. I was disappointed by that, it just looked fake to me

I liked the hair style try on, can we get that back?

I really liked this app when it had the hair style try on. I used it to see how a style would look on me before I went to the salon. 💋Lucy


You would not believe how they’ve updated and improved the real life imagery! This app really does give you a live look at what you would look like with any look you can imagine!

Best live makeover

This is the best app for live makeovers!!!! Works really well, and it is super easy to use!!

Doesn’t actually style your hair

As far as I can tell, this app only allows you to color your hair, not style it, as you might assume from the title. It also makes my iPhone 7 quite hot after only a minute or two of use, so that’s another unfortunate issue.

Can’t figure it out

It takes a pic of my face then there are no options.. I want to see what a long layered look would look like.

No Black Hair

It seems to work decently but once again there aren’t enough options for “Afro-textured” hair, only one ‘spiral curl’ option, that’s not enough

This app could be 5 Star with tweaks

It took me a while to find an ok app for trying on hair styles. I went through about 6 or so before finding this one. It is pretty good. One thing that really bothered me is the locator portion doesn’t seem to work unless you give them access to location data. That’s a big no from me. Putting zip code or cities only resulted in blank results or odd results in Spain. Really weird. One more thing that could improve this app is a bigger variety of hairstyles, with less styled hair and more asymmetrical options. Thankfully you can kind of customize the styles they give, but the style I wanted to try is actually a pretty popular haircut at the moment, so it would be nice to see a more accurate version of it. So fix location issues + more styles =5 stars from me.

Love this app!

This app is so much fun to play with. As a beauty junkie, I love trying on different hair colors and getting different ideas so when I go into the salon I have a better idea of the color outcome I want!

Sooo much better with the upgrades

I love this app now that I can see the color on my actual hair!!! So much fun, I used to help me pick out my new style and was able to save the image to make sure it’s what I wanted. Great app!


n26001176 I like it. Good app


Blacks out every time I take a selfie😡😿☠💣

Does not work on people of color

Disappointed to discover that it does not work on people of color. Camera wouldn’t pick up face of spouse who is black and has a medium complexion. After this, I realized the app doesn’t feature any ethnic hairstyles.

No go!

It’s terrible! The colors don’t show up properly. I looked like an old lady with a terrible wig in every hair cut.

Best thing for trying new hair looks!

This app is so awesome! I can try many looks and colors and see what would look good on me. It then helps me find a salon to help get the look! So cool!

Would work for blondes?

Half my hair is blonde and like 3 inches of my roots are black. The colors change thing look stupid for the black part of my hair but worked wonderful for the blonde parts. So this see how you would look with another hair color would mostly likely only work if you have blonde hair

Very few styles

They are basically all the same with no style. Would like more short styles. Longer than shoulder length is not short.

Don’t even bother..

I can’t even choose a country and it won’t let me proceed until I do. So basically it was a waste of time.

crashes every time I try to use it

crashes every time I try to use it

Crashes on try a look

Wanted this app to show me what my hair would look like with one of your products. App crashed every time i took a picture to try a new look. Bought another brand due to this bug.


I would love to try it but every time I upload it take a photo the app crashes. Deleting because it’s pretty useless if it doesn’t do what I need it to do.


Why do you keep crashing?


Цвета не естественные, а стрижки вообще не ложатся нормально

Language Selection

How do you choose US English? Not in the list of countries

There's a lot of Potential

There's Definitely NOT enough of NE thing. Make the wigs that u try on, make look a LITTLE bit better than fake dollar store hair! 4Reals, it looks Cheap, & why isn't there a way 2 choose a base color then add different color highlights!? Come on! If ur going 2 do an app like this, at least, go on & do it RIGHT!!!

Great App to Try on Hairstyles and Colors!

Wonderful app, although if I could suggest one function for improvement, it would be to recommend hair dyes when choosing a hair color shade. I found the perfect hair color for myself with this app, but I have no idea which hair dye would carry the hair color that I like (which is a huge bummer—but I can probably ask a Sally's employee for assistance). As far as the app as it is, I would recommend it to *anyone* who's curious as to how they would look with different hairstyles and hair colors. It's the best hairstyle transformation app on the App Store (believe me, I've probably downloaded—and deleted—all of them, besides this app of course!). The app hasn't crashed on me, nor has it malfunctioned as of yet. I really like the face shape bonus option, because I had a hard time figuring out my face shape prior to downloading this app. I can't add constructive criticism about the customer/stylist option on the app, because I don't go to a salon for hair dying/bleaching and haven't a need for it (I do my own hair). Keep up the great work! I hope a makeup transformation app is an idea on your bucket list!

Update doesn't work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Update doesn't work!!!!!!

Women only

No options for men

No alternative styles

There is limited hairstyles and it's aimed at a set group of people and isn't helpful at all with limited styles. Example is pixie cuts there are more than the styles the app shows and half the styles that are in long hair u can do at home. I deleted the app after 3 minutes of using it not worth looking at all

No black people hair

What, is this only for white people?

Best hairstyle app I've seen

Not sure why all the negative reviews, there were plenty of hairstyles to choose from and you can change every one of them into the color you want. I was pretty impressed with this app honestly.

Not worth the time

You only get a handful of hairstyles for each length of hair and they all look so very similar it's like the same hair style just different lengths and textures.


This app is so much fun. It's so easy to customize the hair styles to your face shape.

Excellent Hairstyle Makeover Tool!

Love L'Oréal Style My Hair hairstyle/haircolor try-on app! So simple to choose a length, shape the hair to my face with fingers for the correct fit, and then experiment with colors. Various ways to save (before/after, etc.) Just started using it but this will replace all my other hairstyle apps. Highly recommended!


This app has amazing features


Don't open


This is exactly what I've been looking for in a hairstyle app; easy to use, plenty of (free!) style options and colors AND articles on the latest trends, it's perfect!

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